Gelato Appreciation Class (Brisbane)

Learn a few of our gelato secrets!

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Book one of our Gelato Appreciation Classes and join us for part gelato making class, part info session, part science lesson, and part gelato degustation with our chefs. By visiting our new Brisbane store, you’ll get to see what goes on behind the scenes, meet our chefs and we’ll let you in on a few of our gelato secrets.


  • You'll head straight to our South Brisbane Store ready for appreciating a lot of gelato
  • We’ll tell you the Messina story, a little history about us, how we got into the gelato business and what makes us a little different to other gelato pushers.
  • Now it gets good – our chefs will show you HOW WE MAKE OUR GELATO while letting you in on some Messina secrets about how we make our gelato taste so good. And of course…you get to try everything they make.
  • During the class you will be served a 4 course GELATO DEGUSTATION – a menu created especially for each class. We like to get creative, so these are pretty special – you won’t get to try them anywhere else!
  • Next, one of our dashing pastry chefs will show you how we make our Golden 8 GELATO CAKE, and yes – you guessed it, you get to eat it!
  • When class is over, the gluttony really begins when you’ll get free reign of our gelato cabinets. You can try as many flavours in the cabinet as you can handle – time permitting, see if you can get through all 40 flavours.
  • At the end, we roll you out with a tub of gelato to take home so you can go home and really do a number on yourself!


**Allergies - we're afraid we can't cater for specific allergies at our classes - feel free to let us know in your booking, and we'll do our best to accomodate, but it can't be guaranteed** 

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What you will learn
  • How we make gelato cakes and yes – you guessed it, you get to eat it!
  • How we make our gelato & why it tastes so good!
  • If you have the skills + stamina to try all 40 flavours in our gelato cabinet
What you will get
  • A new found knowledge of how we make gelato at Messina
  • 500 ml tub of gelato to take home
  • 4 course gelato degustation during the class - each menu is created especially for each class

What to bring
  • Just your appetite for gelato!
What to wear

Casual (loose pants might be a good idea)

Appropriate for

Gelato lovers and the gelato-curious

Refund & Cancellation Policy

For any cancelations made within 3 weeks of the bookings, no refunds will be possible. Cancellations made outside this period will be fully refunded.

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Terms & Conditions

Any cancelations made within 3 weeks of the bookings, no refunds will be possible.

Cancellations made outside this period will be fully refunded.

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25 July 2020 • Gelato Appreciation Class (Brisbane)

The appreciation class was so worth it! Understanding the background of the company, how ingredients are sourced and why, how the ingredients are all blended in a very special way to achieve the amazing taste and consistency was so interesting. Watching everything made right before us was very impressive, especially the amazing cake. And if you are a self-appointed Messina Ambassador like my husband thinks he is (he raves about it and takes everyone he can there) then it is awesome. Even if you don't care about all of that and just want to eat, you are treated to so many amazing treats... way more than you can or should fit in... you will love this experience. And I totally didn't realise we had pressies to take home so that was an amazing treat. The team were also so engaging and fun. It made for a great experience and would recommend to anybody.


24 February 2020 • Gelato Appreciation Class (Brisbane)

Wow, so refreshing to see a group of people that love their jobs and willing to share their passion with others.


22 February 2020 • Gelato Appreciation Class (Brisbane)

This class was super fun and informative. The entire team were very welcoming and happy to answer any questions. Best of all, of course, was the opportunity to taste 3 incredible plated desserts, 1 gelato cake, and free reign to try EVERY SINGLE FLAVOUR of gelato available in house on the day. Highly recommended!

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